Our Approach & Competitive Edge

Our Approach

Ethnosynth Consulting is a unique organization with a holistic approach towards corporate learning and development; one which recognizes the intrinsic link between culture and business conducted on a global platform. Each development initiative is designed to inculcate skill sets, attitudes and behaviors pertinent to the cultures and locations where the company operates. This distinctive approach ensures that all instruction and material is culturally relevant in addition to being of exceptional quality.

Our Competitive Edge

Ethnosynth Consulting provides specialized content which is uniquely designed, taking into consideration the audience or end user and their learning orientation, attitudes, values and expectations. Our team of facilitators and executive coaches are native to the region they teach. Who better to coach a Japanese executive on the business practices and expectations in Germany, than a native German with experience living and working in Japan? That depth of intercultural knowledge that comes from first-hand experience cannot be substituted. Our multinational clients agree with this logic, and have seen the positive effect on their bottom lines as well as in positive shifts in their organizational culture.