Director’s Profile

Jill Sheldekar

What does it mean to be human? As a cultural anthropologist, this question has fascinated me for many years. The complexity of the human experience, in all its richness and diversity, has offered up many answers to this question. However, as a species, we have come to understand some universal truths. Human beings need inclusion and respect to move beyond our basic needs, to a place where we can define and accomplish aspirational goals. We want to feel appreciated, to feel seen and to contribute towards a greater common good through the use of our unique talents and abilities.

Culture impacts the way we do this. The way we show appreciation, the way we respect others or feel respected by others. Culture impacts the way we influence people, the way we make decisions, the way we create strategies, the way we drive performance in teams. Culture is the dynamic manifestation of our beliefs and values and it shapes and molds the very core of our identity. It impacts nearly everything we do and say, everything we don’t do and don’t say.

In a business scenario – it is essential to recognize the importance of culture and how it impacts behavior and communication. One’s heightened cultural sense – which includes awareness of your own expectations and that of others – often becomes the most important asset of any global business professional.

This is what I do. As a practitioner in the intercultural industry, I work with individuals and teams to raise their level of cultural awareness and to develop the skills required to be successful working with diverse stakeholders. Together we examine the impact of corporate culture, industry culture, national culture, regional culture and even the cultures of gender and generation. We focus on key skill areas that are important to the individual or team – global executive presence, giving and receiving feedback, effective virtual communication, influencing, presenting to foreign audiences. All of the learning solutions offered by Ethnosynth are tailored to suit the unique needs of the participant.

I have always been inspired by the quote by Aristotle: “Where your talents and the needs of the world cross; there lies your vocation.” Furthermore, I have always believed that whatever it is we pursue in our professional life, it ought to matter to someone. At the heart of the work of an interculturalist – lies a deep respect and appreciation for diversity in all its forms. This is why I work in the intercultural field – to enable diverse individuals to achieve success together in a way that acknowledges the humanity and value that each unique person brings to the team. For the organization – this equates to agile, innovative, high performing teams that flourish due to a solid foundation of trust. I welcome any opportunity to be part of your journey.


  • 15 years of professional experience in the United States, Australia and India
  • Certified by Culture Detective, USA
  • Licensed in the Virtual Performance Assessment tool by Intercultures, Germany
  • Certified by Aperian Global including both face to face and virtual formats for a variety of offerings
  • Holds a BA in from Arizona State University in Interdisciplinary Studies in Cultural Anthropology and Education (Diversity Stream)
  • Studied Management in Cross-Cultural Contexts from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia
  • Founder of Ethnosynth Consulting, established in 2010
  • Executive Director of SIETAR India (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research)
  • President of Glow: Global Organization for Women, established in 2015
  • Speaks English and Marathi


  • Country Specific Business Programs
  • One on One Global Personal Branding & Executive Presence for Leaders
  • Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives
  • Women in Leadership Programs