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Functional Soft Skills

Whether you manage a team of executives sitting in varied locations across continents or are handling clients in offices abroad, similar management skill sets are required. However, to be highly effective in a global role one must have a developed cultural perspective. Each of the topics covered focus on the functional application of the skill within a specific cultural environment, preparing or polishing those in positions of management in cross cultural contexts.

-  Global Business Etiquette
-  Leadership Skills
-  Negotiation Skills
-  Conflict Management
-  Time Management
-  Stress Management
-  Motivation
-  Team Building/Working
-  Coaching Others
-  Giving and Receiving Feedback
-  Effective Decision Making
-  Managing Meetings
-  Assertiveness
-  Presentation Skills
-  Advanced Presentation Skills
-  Presentations for Foreign Audiences
-  Dining Etiquette
-  Gender Sensitization
-  Creative Problem Solving
-  Achievement Orientation
-  Work / Life Balance 

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