Personal Branding

The development of a strong, powerful and successful brand requires strategy, flawless execution and consistency. The same holds true for personal branding. Branding oneself within an organization or industry is a formidable task in itself. Doing so on a global level is even more daunting and requires a coach with a fine tuned cultural perspective, one that has experience within the diverse audiences with in which the individual operates. This program takes executives through a step by step process of identifying your current brand, through to the identification and introduction of their authentic brand and followed by the final stage: managing and sustaining the brand.

  • Introduction to Personal Branding
  • Assessment and Evaluation of your Current Brand
  • Identifying your Authentic Brand
  • Skill Building for Your Brand
  • Introducing and Establishing your Brand
  • Increasing your Brand Visibility
  • Sustaining your brand

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