Expat Programs

Living and working abroad is most often a life altering experience. In the beginning, the relocation process and adjustment period can appear to be daunting and stressful, but if managed effectively the transition into a new country can be exciting and enjoyable. Ethnosynth programs for expats aim to prepare individuals for the challenges and the rewards they can expect as they begin a new life filled with opportunities for rich cultural experiences. Each program helps individuals gain a depth of insight into the culture of their new home, by interacting with highly experienced facilitators who are expats themselves. Each program has been designed by expats already successfully settled in their new home, making the information “experience based” and therefore highly applicable and pertinent.

Each program has material designed for business professionals as well as for families. The list of countries in which programs are currently available include: N.America, India, Australia and Germany.

  • Adapting to New Environments – The Challenges and Rewards of Living and Working in Country
  • The National Culture and the Regions of the Country
  • Creating a Familiar Space – How to Create a Lifestyle that Brings Together the Best of Home and the New Country
  • In Country Support – Practical Assistance for Relocation