Our Methodology

Every program conducted by Ethnosynth Consulting is customized to the specific requirements of the client. Our offerings are conducted either as one on one coaching sessions or small group programs and workshops. In the case of small groups, we maintain a low participant to faculty ratio to ensure each individual receives customized input and consideration. All sessions are participant driven to ensure high levels of engagement and inclusion. Learning is activity-based with an emphasis on problem solving and real world application.

Our facilitators do not employ traditional methods such as lecturing or the use of slide presentations. Instead, they use a variety of methods which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Practice Driven Modules
  • Participant Workbooks
  • Interactive Discussions
  • Role Plays
  • Film Analysis
  • Demonstrative Presentations
  • Competitive Team Activities
  • Out of Session Assignments
  • Case Studies
  • Development Templates
  • Learning Logs